ME2 Mobile Engagement Engine

  • Your Mobile Engagement Engine

    Nitro's latest innovation is our Mobile Engagement Engine, casually known as "ME Squared." ME2 offers our clients the ability to build and manage their own mobile solutions, including mobile applications and other mobile endpoints, such as responsive websites, widgets, social media, and iBeacon technologies. As the command and control hub for our clients, ME2 is the content management system you'll rely on to independently mobilize your organization—without the need for technical experience, an IT staff, or an abundance of money.

    Mobile Engagement Engine
  • Your key to customization & control

    Your key to customization & control

    ME2 lives on top of our built-in-house middleware, called NitroServer™, and empowers you with the tools you need to create and customize mobile applications, including the look, feel and content of your apps. The best part of ME2 is the fact that users only need to log into a central web portal and follow intuitive, step-by-step instructions to customize your app's features as you desire. If you can operate Facebook, you can operate ME2. Want some more good news? ME2 is offered via a monthly service subscription, eliminating a hefty—and often overwhelming—price tag upfront.

  • Your chance to deliver an exceptional mobile experience

    Through ME2, many of our clients are able to achieve mobility when they typically would not be able to, due to a lack of resources, technical skills or staff, and/or funding. However, ME2 is so innovative that even companies with the capacity to deliver their own mobile apps choose to work with us instead. Why? Because the feature set in ME2 is so strong and rich, including localization and other functions that are difficult and expensive to create. Using ME2, enterprises can deliver the features and functions they want—plus some—while still accelerating their time-to-market.

    Your chance to deliver an exceptional mobile experience
  • Without doing any of the heavy lifting

    Providing our clients with the tools they need to customize and manage their own mobile solutions allows us to focus on the hard parts: building new features from the ground up, upgrading our in-house middleware, and scanning the market for upcoming game-changers in technology. Our philosophy is to put the front-facing qualities of a mobile app in your hands and when you want or need innovation, we'll be there.

    Because we give our clients flexibility—the option to make app edits or updates at any time—we allow our clients to remain on the cutting edge of technology. We're constantly innovating so that our clients don't have to.